Advertising Player Changed Life or Life Itself ?

When our shuttle in the busy streets, inadvertently will promote a particular brand of product see distant shop window advertising player. Sometimes see their favorite stars, but also will stop foot reside.

In fact, shop window advertising player, it utilizes a state-of-the-art multimedia technology can achieve a text, picture, animation and video are intertwined, show the company's full range of product information to consumers, at the same time different from traditional advertising in TV advertising compared to its low price, the clear audience crowd; compared in the newspaper, the flyers like advertising player to present more comprehensive, more flexible forms, but the most important thing is green.

shop window advertising player

Advertising player uses a wide viewing angle playback mode, video mode can integrate a variety of different formats, be able to achieve the perfect playback, widely used in banks, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, shopping mall display kiosk. In addition, the most important is the clear audience, shopping mall display kiosk mainly for those who have the purchasing power and the desire to buy crowd. Unique and novel way its publicity, all aspects, to attract the attention of the audience shopping mall display kiosk at the first time, the shopping mall display kiosk is still the most stylish new form of advertising.

And then, advertising player can be carried out according to the needs of users switch, publicity time flexible operation, it can be 365 days a year of a product of a particular publicity, publicity work can be carried out at a specific point in time.

Advertising player has so many advantages, and advertising efficiency is now for corporation publicity and establishing a brand image has an important significance to become one of the essential marketing enterprise development. The survey shows that in recent years, nearly ninety percent of office workers exist "sub-health", 40 percent suffer from psychological problems, or the psychological depression, decreased energy or persistent fatigue, upset, insomnia phenomenon. Office workers sub-health problem, much more attention should be paid.

shopping mall display kiosk

The exchanges people come and gone up in the morning, often breakfast eaten must catch the early time to wait for the bus to avoid being late for work. Busy with work and life stress makes people miserable all day long, perhaps you have become accustomed to the fast-paced life, high-intensity work, feel normal, but it also means a large extent, you have become the sub-health a crowd.

Especially working people working in the city, nine to five, in front of the computer, or the phone, long hours of work will inevitably have a depressing mood. How to effectively release their emotions, relax and gold all the electronics that can help you to a certain extent of advertising player decompression.

The advertising player is for a wide range of applications, the presence of many places can see the shadow of it. Especially in adding interesting features of interactive technology, advertising more humane, greatly improving the people's participation. Provided to attract a video or pictures of people at the same time, a variety of interesting applications emerging, one hand, diverted the attention of the people, but they're also loved by many businesses, the more concern, on behalf of the higher exposure. Advertising player in order to become the focus of attention of the audience, the content is very important innovation.

Course, repeated ad content is not desirable, tedious, select a different creativity for different audiences, different time periods playback can obtain good results. For example, used subway or bus LCD advertising player, in addition to simple advertising, you can put the attention to current events or entertainment station situation. The slight shift of the line of sight of the people so busy the day, the bus LCD advertising player may well be relaxing mood a powerful tool to adjust the atmosphere of life.



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