LCD advertising display's sales trends in 2013

LCD advertising display has become one of the highlights of the advertising media market, advertising demand is growing increasingly developed with the domestic business and consumer environment, digitization, networking, information technology. In the domestic digital signage market, network large-scale application of interactive technology is the development direction. However, in the rapid development of networking products, LCD advertising market is in expanding rapidly, the pace of development is also not much slower than networking products. Below, we just outlook LCD advertising trends how it will be in the end 2013.

LCD advertising display

The studies suggest that the LCD digital signage market started not later, but the slow development of the early market, so the outbreak of its market and product development period of the network is a high degree of overlap. This also led to the emergence of the domestic market stand-alone digital signage products early market development situation of serious vacancy. For the international market, the LCD digital signage and network digital signage two distinct levels of development. Domestic market showing the trend of the development of two products go hand in hand.

On the other hand, the market-oriented business environment in the domestic market completely formed later in Western developed countries for a long time. Stage of competition in the market is also significantly later than in Western countries. This LCD advertising display in the domestic society has a more decentralized economic organization: general merchandise, services, food and beverage, manufacturing, and other fields have this feature. A large number of small-scale production and service units of decentralized social existence that determines a lot of LCD digital signage is still a great market.

Therefore, regardless of the needs of customers from the high-end stand-alone LCD advertising display or massive low-end customer perspective, digital signage LCD advertising display prices remain high. Which play a decisive role in the price of the advertising display device, and a variety of differentiated design costs. Further reduce the sales price of the stand-alone digital signage advertising in the future will be the key to the rapid spread of the product. So, the future market of LCD digital signage, LCD advertising display achieves light.




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