Two Most Common Magic Mirror Advertising Display Solutions

Magic mirror (electric mirror) consists of three parts: mirror panel, built-in LCD advertising display and  IR motion sensor.

electric mirror

Mirror panel

This mirror panel seems a little different from the regular mirror in transparency, actually yes, they are different. Three following layers in magic mirror:

First layer: glass ordinary glass chemical composition of the oxide (Na2O • CaO • 6SiO2), the main ingredient is silica. Second layer: silver or aluminum; Third layer: a protective layer to prevent, silver or aluminum is oxidized or scratch. Built-in LCD Advertising Display Why the magic mirror can display multimedia contents, the answer is the built-in LCD advertising display. Magic mirror is less a mirror than a advertising display monitor.

IR Motion Sensor

IR motion sensor is doing a job of controlling switch by sensing body heat, so to avoid invalid electric power consumption to save energy. It will automatically switches the load when sensors the body or moving things; as long as staying in the sensing range, it will continue to turn; when person left, automatically delay off load, looks like shows humane care. Take a look at the two most common magic mirror display solutions

Magic mirror display solution 1

Magic Mirror Advertising Display

(The white dot is the IR senor position)

The picture is making sense, the when nobody is around, the magic mirror shows display A area; when someone came to the sensor range area, the display B area shows up and the display A area disappears at the same moment, additional information about the relationships between display A and display B, when the display B shows up, it will get the content in display going on, the same content actually.

Magic mirror display solution 2

Magic Mirror Advertising Display

(The white dot is the IR senor position)

In this solution, the display content in Display A and display B could be different, and this is only thing this magic mirror solution differs from the first one.

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