Gas station digital signage
Gas pump LCD screen

According to the survey, the average consumer will spend 3 to 5 minutes of idle time pumping with your message just a few feet away. That's more than enough time to retain your ad's message and an eternity compared to the average outdoor read of 5 seconds.
Gas station pump LCD display(digital signage) or pump TV is perfect media communication which target people “on the go”, so these people are totally differs from those sitting on the sofa staring at the TV shows. Dynamic your gas pump content with engaging content, and try your best to attract them, make full use of those seconds they spent in filling up. With the increasing truck and car traffic, gas station becomes hottest advertising point. Big paper posters, large screen bill boards are too changeless and high cost, take up space too for the limited gas station space. Digital multimedia advertisement is well controlled by remote, multimedia ads can be played on a continuous loop at certain times of the day.

Digital signage could be broadly based at gas stations. This is a special design for gas station information publicity or advertisement display, installed on gas pump, double sided TFT LCD, powerful weatherproof and dustproof function capability and high visibility in bright sunlight, 1000-3000 nit brightness. Metal protection case, grounded transformer for two way 110 to 220 and 220 to 110 voltage conversion; strength USB Wi-Fi antenna, customizable option for built-in PC model. By the way, there is infrared sensor equipment built-in, which makes the pump LCD display(TV) more energy saving and efficient. Gas pump LCD display transforms the gas station forecourt into an entertaining and informative experience place.
Gas pump TV monitor
Gas station pump digital signage monitor basic function items overview:

Support marquee

Support audio and video frequency input

Support AD automatic insertion

Support for images, videos, subtitles mixture function

Support picture + music playback mode

Calendar, week, day timer mode, support for 5 day time switch

Sharing the volume, you can set the volume at different times every five

Support U disk update the program

Support CF card, SD card, USB flash disk, SATA hard disk broadcast

Support settings menu password protection and management

Support RM / RMVB, H.264, MKV, AVI, TS, TRP, MPEG2, MPEG1, MPEG4, VOB, MP3, DIVX, etc. file playback

Support hanging corner station logo

Support U disk update the program

Support broadcast logs

Support the expansion of SATA hard disk interface, play massive television programs

Support the stops automatically muted

Gas pump monitor

As the first approved gas station digital signage outlet factory of China, Shenzhen L&M has a great deal of experience in gas station pump digital monitor/TV research, manufacturing and done well in security aspects, welcome to custom your gas pump digital signage, more gas station digital signage samples


Brand LCD panel, LED backlit


1000nits - 2000nits

Size range(Suggestion 22-24inch size, based on requirements)




21.5 or 22inch

23.6inch or 24inch


Maximum resolution: 1920*1080;

17inch: 1280*1024;

21.5inch: 1920*1080;

24inch: 1920*1080;


Horizontal screen, vertical screen, narrow bezel, customizale case material and color

Function Choices


TV box(optional)

Built-in PC(optional)

Standard PC Configuration below:

Main board: Intel G41

CPU: 3.0 GHz dual core

Memory: DDR-III 2G


1GB independent graphics card

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