Gas stations offer excellent reach into the specific areas where you would like to advertise and are great venues for regional campaigns. Gas pump displays can often be found in areas with little or no traditional outdoor advertising – such as hard to reach suburban areas with limited billboard availability.

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Gas Station Pump with Dual-screen TV

TV seems to be everywhere these days. At the supermarket, the mall and now, thanks to a Michigan-based startup company, the gas pump.

Gas Station TV, based in the Detroit suburb of Oak Park, has been testing its service for several months in Dallas with TV monitors installed above gas pumps that show short clips of news, weather and traffic and, of course, advertising.

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Gas Station Pump LCD Screen

Special gas pump LCD screen, gas pump LCD advertising screen to dynamic your gas pump content, engaging content, capture audience, promote your business, products or service.

With wide coverage of gas station spots, you can reach a broad customer base throughout the state and throughout the country, Network System and Technology can put together a nationwide program across all of the major coverage.

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