Dual-screen All-in-one Digital Signage Kiosk

Multi-functional all in one digital signage kiosk LM55-DSA differs from the common digital signage kiosk by gathering both interactive information service and advertising display functions and integrations. The display area consists of two different size LCD panels, support touch inquiry and ads display can be performed simultaneously, independently each other.

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Choosing Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor Digital Signage

1. Viewing distance and time

Before you start picking sign sizes, consider where the majority of your audience will be when it reads your message. A 1-inch character is viewable from about 50 feet away – therefore, someone standing 400 feet away from your sign would need the letters to be at least 8 inches tall to read them. Also consider the local traffic patterns; a driver going 45 mph past your business has less time to read your message than a pedestrian on the sidewalk. The typical person needs 3-4 seconds to read 6-8 groupings of text and/or graphics. For example, the phrase “Volunteers needed. Call 555-1212” has four groupings of text.

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