Gas Station Pump with Dual-screen TV

TV seems to be everywhere these days. At the supermarket, the mall and now, thanks to a Michigan-based startup company, the gas pump.

Gas Station TV, based in the Detroit suburb of Oak Park, has been testing its service for several months in Dallas with TV monitors installed above gas pumps that show short clips of news, weather and traffic and, of course, advertising.

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Shenzhen L&M and NoviSign Have Recently Decided to Cooperate

Shenzhen L&M Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and NoviSign have recently decided to cooperate. Shenzhen L&M Electronic Technology is a professional manufacturer of commercial LCD display, indoor and outdoor digital signage, while NoviSign is a digital signage software company who specializes in cloud (SaaS) based solution, which includes apps for Android players, Windows players and Chrome OS players. Seems that NoviSign’s Android digital signage and the LCD displays of Shenzhen L&M Electronic Technology are a perfect match, as they are Android based devices.

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